The Law Office of Jennifer L. Wilkerson is dedicated to providing high quality, personal service. Our innovative strategies allow clients to protect their hard-earned wealth, and distribute that wealth when and to whom they want.

Our office specializes in complete, comprehensive plans for estates of $2,000,000 or more, that will also provide for your care in later years with the least burden to your family.  As a certified specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate law, Ms. Wilkerson has the experience and expertise to serve clients with large estates and complex legal problems.  Her reputation is built on advanced estate planning that can minimize taxes and protect your assets.

Trustees and Executors also benefit from Ms. Wilkerson’s expertise in Trust and Estate law. Administering a loved one’s Trust or Estate can be an intricate process, involving complex Accountings as required under California law. With Ms. Wilkerson, executors have someone who can handle the complicated aspects of this process.

For simpler matters, here is a link to other Nevada County attorneys who are members of the Gold Country Estate Planning Council: click here.

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